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URBAN FERN’ing, Acacia resrevation

Dr. Coffman challenges the conventional understanding of infrastructure and architecture.  Known for an incremental approach to knowledge building, he works in both design and science arenas to advance botanically informed architecture and infrastructure.  He is a leading thinker in field of living architecture and active researcher of green infrastructure. 

In the lab, Dr. Coffman assist with major projects and endeavors and helps students of all disciplines (architecture, landscape architecture, biology, geology, chemistry, urban design, engineering, etc.) find venues of study. When he is not working you might find him bicycling through the Chagrin River valley. 

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THE SHED, Cleveland Metroparks

Jessie, a landscape architecture student, is currently exploring the conceptualization of a co-benefit based stormwater design tool.   In cooperation with the Cleveland Metroparks and student hydrologists and biogeochemists, she is developing an easier way to select and implement green infrastructure.  Also, she is learning about the interactions of nutrient tradeoffs in green roof biodiversity.  When she has free time, it's spent with family and visiting lots of gardens. 

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Anna, a doctoral student in biology, is exploring the role of soil organisms in movable green infrastructure.  She aims to understand the ways in which soil biota influences the supply and trade-offs of ecological services in a constructed ecosystem.  She is affiliated with the lab via Kent's Soil Microbial Lab. 

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