Topics of Study

Work on these Endeavors

Recycling Dredge Investigate the uses of sintered (baked) and raw river dredge. How can we recycle our river sediments?

Biodiversity Roofs  Investigate how roof greening can potentially restore rare plant populations to assist urban biodiversity. Can roofs

Phragmites Reuse Investigate the potential to use the invasive species Phragmites australis (Common Reed) in green infrastructure applications.

Design Tool Investigate a cross disciplinary tool leading design teams to craft comprehensive environmental design proposals.


Paid Assistantships

These  are fully or partially funded positions for enrolled students working in the lab on short and long term funded projects. Hours based on project needs. 

Current Positions:

Taking applications for Spring 2019+  



Volunteer Assistantships

For enrolled students who wants to engage a topic and work with a team. Allows exposure to ideas and methods of the lab.  

Part-time with flexible hours.  






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Independent Study

Enrolled students who study lab topics individually with faculty.